Hatton Vale State School- School council

2018 Hatton Vale State School Coucil 
​Role ​Name
​Principal ​Mr. Ashley Lawless
​Staff Member ​Mrs. Karen Pinnell
​Staff Member ​Ms. Emma Revill
​Parent Representative ​Mr. Nicholas Gehrke
​Parent Representative ​Mr. Daniel O'Keeffe
​P&C President ​Mrs. Cathryn Zischke
​Appointed Member ​TBC
 Meet the Council

Mr. Ashley Lawless (Principal)

Ashley is a school leader with over 18 years’ experience in schools and the last 10 years as Principal. Ashley joined the Hatton Vale State School community in 2015 and has led the school in becoming an Independent Public School in 2017. Ashley is passionate in developing a strong workforce to provide the best learning environment for all students enrolled. Ashley has led school’s in small rural communities on the Darling Downs and in the Gympie region and understands the importance of fostering a strong school culture in which the community can take pride. He is an educator with a broad range of experiences able to develop strategic approaches that enhance students’ learning, promote collegiality and develop a unified learning community.

Mrs. Karen Pinnell (Council Chair)

Karen Pinnell has been teaching at Hatton Vale State School for 7 years. She is currently in the role as Teacher Librarian and Master Teacher. Karen is also our PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning) Internal Coach and plays an important role in the implementation of PBL in our school. Karen has been teaching in the area since 1992, having taught 13 years at Glenore Grove State School and 7 years at Laidley District State School as a classroom teacher. Karen has 2 children, with her youngest just completing Year 12. Karen and her family have lived in the Lockyer Valley for the past 37 years and sees being on the school council as an opportunity to support the continued growth of our school and its community.  

Ms. Emma Revill (Council Secretary)

Emma is a staff representative on the student council. She has been employed as a teacher aide at Hatton Vale Sate School for 7 years.  Emma is a mother of four with three of my children having been students of Hatton Vale and two currently here. Emma has grown up in the Lockyer Valley and understand the diverse groups of people we have in our catchment.  She looks forward to working on the school council to move our school forward so that it can support the growth of this area.

Mr. Nicholas Gehrke

Nicholas has two sons attending Hatton Vale State School in Prep and Year 2. His ancestors selected land at Hatton Vale in the 1880’s, the ownership of which remains in the family today. Nicholas’s parents, grandfather and great- grandparents attended Hatton Vale State School. Nick is an owner director of Gehrke Grains & Transport. This is a third generation family business where he currently works. Nicholas is grateful for the opportunity to represent parents and carers as a member of the School Council and is committed to helping the school achieve the best possible outcomes for the children.

Mr. Daniel O'Keeffe

Daniel is one of the parent representatives on the school council. He has worked in various rolls in State Government for the past 12 years and has three children, two of which go to HVSS. Daniel have lived in the Hatton Vale area for the past 4 years and has been a member of the school P&C for the past few years. Daniel is looking forward to being involved in the school council and hopes to make a positive contribution.

Mrs. Cathryn Zischke (P&C President)

Cathryn has three children at Hatton Vale State School, twin boys in year 1 and a daughter in year 2.  She feels privileged that her children are the fifth generation of her family to attend Hatton Vale State School, after also attending Hatton Vale herself.  Cathryn is the current P&C President at the school and enjoys volunteering at school events.  She also volunteers with the Australian Multiple Birth Association at a national level, and has previously held positions at both state and local levels of the association.  Outside of her volunteering efforts, Cathryn works in the family business, supplying bulk fuel throughout the Lockyer, Brisbane and Fassifern Valley’s, and also provides local school bus services.  Cathryn is passionate about her local community and is grateful to be able to be a part of the school council, and ensure that both Hatton Vale students and the local community continue to thrive and grow.

So, what is a School Council and why have one?

The School Council is a group of elected parents and staff from the school community who work towards improved student learning outcomes.

They collaborate with the broader school community to write and monitor the broad strategic direction of the school.

Independent Public Schools (IPS) are required to have a school council as part of their governance structure. The School Council’s main task is the production and (active) monitoring of the school’s strategic plan.

Hatton Vale State School’s School Council will be made of a mix of staff and parents including the Principal and P&C President.

​Membership Type ​Quantity
​Principal ​1
​P&C President ​1
​Staff Members ​2
​Parent Members ​2
​Appointed Member ​1

What is the difference between a P & C and a School Council and why does a school need both?

The main difference between the School Council and the P & C is the Council deals with strategic matters and the P & C with operational matters, like the tuckshop, uniform shop and fundraising.

For a list of upcoming School Council discussion topics, please refer to the School Council calendar.

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Last updated 27 February 2020